Christmas Carving

The project for this class has not been decided yet.  Check back ofter the see what we'll be doing.

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Dale Green - Bio



Let me introduce myself.  I was looking for a hobby, no, I needed a hobby to distract me from my high-stress job.  The problem was, I had no idea what to do.  One Saturday about seventeen years ago, my wife saw a sign advertising wood carving classes at a local store so we stopped in.  On a whim, I bought a few tools and registered for a class – quite certain it would be a disaster.

That was the beginning of a passion for wood carving – and tool collecting - that continues to grow each day.   I was determined to learn everything and took advantage of all the local classes and then hit the road to attend classes taught by the most recognized carvers.  After trying many styles of carving, it didn't take long to realize that caricature carving was for me.  I enjoy creating a humorous scene that tells a funny story.  The highest compliment I receive is when someone laughs at my carvings.

After a few years I started designing and carving my own caricature figures, some of which have been published in Carving Magazine.  My carvings have won numerous First Place and Best of Division awards, including “Best of Show” at the 2012 Caricature Carvers of America competition and Editor’s Choice Nominee for Best Design, Wood Carving Illustrated Magazine.   

I began teaching caricature carving about 10 years ago and enjoy sharing my knowledge and meeting new carvers.  My teaching schedule includes a weekly group in my studio and a variety of classes for all levels of carvers.  

In my experience, wood carvers are a fun group anxious to share ideas and tips.  I have made many great friends through wood carving who continue to give me new ideas, and teach me the importance of sharing.

My wife, Kerry, doesn’t mind the wood chips – she calls them clean dirt - and even bakes treats for my students.  We live in Holladay, Ut. with our 2 dogs,  and I’m an active member of the Utah Valley Woodcarvers Club.

Chip Carved Icicles

Tim will show us how to chip carve the delicate icicle.  What makes these icicles so special is that the corners are pierced so you can see through the cuts.  Your cuts must be in the right order for the finished piece to look good.  Tim will show us how to setup and cut the icicle so that we have a cherished keepsake when we are finished.  If you have any interest in chip carving, you'll want to take this class.

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Cypress Knee Santa

Come learn to carve a Santa from a Cypress Knee.  If you've never carved a cypress knee then you'll find it an interesting wood.  Coming from the swamps in the Southeastern United States, the wood is very light but difficult to carve with hand tools.  You'll learn to use your power carver to make this interesting shaped piece of wood into a wonderful looking Santa that you'll cherish.

You will need a power carver, serverel bits and a dust collector.  If you do not have one of these items please contact the instructor as she has a limited number of loaner tools.

Contact Mary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 801-360-8369 to register for this class.


Mary Dame - Bio

20 years ago, my husband Gary was taking an oil painting class in Benjamin, Utah, at the Hones Studio being taught by Julie Olsen.    He was always telling me to come down to see the studio and take a class with him. Finally I gave up and went to Benjamin to see what he was making all the fuss about.  That was his first mistake and my saving grace.  I did take the oil class but I fell in love with the beautiful carvings of Keith Hone the owner of the studio.  After about my second painting I wanted to carve and Keith just happened to mention that he and his son Craig were going to teach a week long class on carving a chickadee.  I knew I had to be in it.  That was the end of Gary’s quite clean house and the beginning of my joy.  Now chips and saw dust are everywhere and I am smiling all the time.  I teach anyone who is willing to hold still long enough to learn and I use everything from knives and chisels to high speed dental drills and even chainsaws.  I love carving and really enjoy the process as much as the finished product.  I worked as an Operating Room nurse before I retired and I guess I just had to keep on “carving” and it’s been a good fit for me.

I have taken many classes and entered many shows.  I want to promote carving where ever I go. 


My goal is to enter the Ward World Wildfowl Competition, in Ocean City, Maryland and bring home a ribbon of any color. :o)

Bark House in the Round

Susan will be carving a bark house in the round from cottonwood bard.  This can be done with hand tools that are sharp.  Because the cottonwood bark often contains dirt from it's life on the tree, it will dull your tools quickly.  Make sure that you strop your tools often to keep them sharp.  If you have more than one set of tools, use your old set for carving bark and keep you best tools for basswood and the like.

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Susan Hendrix - Bio



I grew up in the woods of Upper Michigan as Susan Johnson. I knew from a very early age that someday I would work with wood, for I loved the way it smelled and felt. I often saw my mother with tools in hand, building a needed item for our home. I thought all mothers did woodworking, along with cooking, cleaning and laundry. I wanted to learn to do everything my mother did.

I followed my mother’s example as I grew up, making many items out of wood and helping my mother, building bookshelves or tearing down a wall in our house to enlarge a room. As a young adult, I took wood-related classes at Brigham Young University and sculpture classes at the University of Kansas. Form and three-dimensional figures were particularly fascinating to me. Woodcarving was a natural by-product of that interest. I started carving in 1986. I have taken classes from many great instructors over the years and still continue to learn from them while teaching my own classes and pursuing my own carving interests.

Although I carve birds, animals, and caricatures, my real love is carving Santas and Christmas ornaments and items, for Christmas is my favorite time of year.

It reminds me an especially joyous season once when I was a child. Prior to Christmas, my mother asked me not to go into our basement for a few weeks. I could hear the sounds of tools being used, hammering and sawing. I could smell interesting odors, paint and varnish. Never going down, even for a peek, my sister Rosy and I were surprised on Christmas morning to to be led into the basement to find a "dream come true". Child sized wooden doll cradles with small quilts to fit, a wooden china cupboard filled with dishes and other accessories to "play house" with, a table and four chairs, as well as new dolls and many sets of doll clothing. As I stared, wide eyed and open mouthed at the display, I recognized my mother's handiwork. She had made, by hand, almost every single item in that room. Although the tags said Santa brought the gifts, I knew, for the first time, who Santa really was.

From then on I saw Santa Claus as the embodiment of my mother's love. Sharing that love through Santa, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or his other familiar and dear names, became ever more important as I grew up and learned to give as my mother did. As I learned to carve, I gave Santas away. It brought me so much joy and I also saw joy in the faces of those who received my Santas. It wasn't long before requests to buy my Santas came and I found myself carving Christmas items year around.

I have researched the legend of Saint Nicholas and found there are many different stories, customs and traditions surrounding him and his helpers. I wasn't at all surprised to find that Christmas is magical in all lands and languages, powered by the 'Spirit of Love', that same spirit my mother showed to me.

Pete LeClair

Pete is a Caricature Carvers of America member.  Pete has created his unique style of caricatures.  He is one of the funnest instructors you'll ever meet.